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Chocolate Experience

It’s time to make some delicious treats and create the best chocolatey product!

Milton Keynes

What's Included

  • Event Compere
  • Protective Clothing
  • Specialist Activity Equipment
  • Experienced Chocolatier
  • Pre-event Client Liaison
  • Prizes for the Winning Team
  • £5 Million Public Liability Insurance
  • Full Risk Assessments

About the event

Are you looking for an event that is entertaining and creative? Our Chocolate Experience event is perfect for team building as it will get your team to demonstrate their creativity while they learn to make delicious chocolatey treats.
At the beginning of the event our experienced chocolatier will give everyone a brief overview of the fabulous history of the chocolate, before moving on to teach you how to make some wonderful treats.
So, dip a strawberry in chocolate, or coat a truffle with some crushed nuts. Let your creativity unfold with our corporate Chocolate Experience event!
The fun doesn’t stop there. Once everyone has learned how to make chocolates, you will be split up into teams. Each team will be tasked with creating a brand-new chocolate product. For this task teams must design the branding for the product and your team must your chocolate product. 
So, get ready to make some delicious chocolates and have a blast with our corporate Chocolate Experience event!

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Optional Extras

  • Event Photography
  • Catering

Where is it

  • 24 Silbury Arcade
  • Milton Keynes
  • MK9 3ES
  • Tel: 020 3325 1553
  • Email:


“What a great day and who knew there was so much history to chocolate! ”


“A unique Corporate Event not only did we learn how to make chocolate we also then got to create branding to go with the chocolate product we produced. It helped us work better as a team and was a really fun and different experience. ”


“This was such a good Hen do activity. Making the chocolates was great fun eating them was even better! ”

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