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Crystal Maze Challenge

It's time to win some crystals!

Dome Hire Only

What's Included

- Choice of Dome (3m, 4m, 5m)

- Member of Staff

- Management of promotion

- Leaf Blowers and tickets

- Branding of your company

- Christmas Customisation or other customisation if needed.


Serving all of the UK

About the event

Serving Locations across the UK our Crystal Maze Dome can be hired out for Private Parties, Corporate Events or marketing your brand.

The 3m Dome can be set up on a flat surface and the golden tickets will fly in the air allowing your customers to grab a prize. 

This is also fantastic for prize givings at corporate events or any other promotional style features.

Also a hugely popular for christmas parties and events (can be customised to a snow maze).

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Optional Extras

  • Add costume actor Richard O’Brien
  • Event Photography
  • Catering

Serving all of the UK

Where is it

  • Serving the UK
  • Serving the UK
  • Dome Hire Only
  • Serving the UK
  • Tel: 020 3325 1553
  • Email:


“The Crystal Maze experience was amazing and I highly recommend it. It is set out just like the show and our maze master really got into character. We had a full team and everyone got to play two games each. I highly recommend. Great for team building and overall just great fun. ”


“This was just brilliant. I was worried it was going to be not quite as good as the tv show but it was so accurate. Our maze guy was brilliant and I just had an amazing time. Childhood dream fulfilled! Would recommend it to any Crystal maze lovers! ”


“What a great experience. You need to put your soul into it and make sure you embrace the whole experience. A real laugh and was great for team bonding. ”

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